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Our recipe for the freshest and most delicious cup of coffee? Ethically sourced, single-origin coffees, carefully crafted in small batches and always delivered fresh” -Matt King, Blue Ridge Bootleg Coffee.

We're mindful of where our coffees come from and always look for labels like "Fair trade" and "Organic" certifications, which follow a strict set of rules that impact the environment and farmers' living conditions. Transparency from our sources helps ensure that the farmers are fairly paid and that the farms are maintained sustainably.
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Single-origin coffee has the most original and unaltered flavor profile, while a coffee blend combines the elements of various beans. As a result, single origins tend to have an exotic taste and are bolder and more robust, while a coffee blend balances it out with different beans that complement each other.
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A truly exceptional and unique coffee that showcases the natural beauty and rich flavors of El Salvador. Grown in the renowned coffee region of Monte Verde by Rene Contreras, this particular coffee is processed using the natural method, a traditional technique that enhances the inherent sweetness and fruity notes of the beans. The coffee cherries are carefully handpicked at the peak of ripeness, ensuring that only the finest and most flavorful fruits are selected. Following the harvesting process, the cherries undergo a meticulous sorting process to guarantee the highest quality beans for the final product. Once the cherries have been sorted, they are carefully laid out on raised beds to dry naturally in the sun for an extended period. This natural drying method not only preserves the unique qualities of the coffee but also imparts a distinct depth and complexity to its flavor profile. In the cup, Monte Verde Natural delights with its vibrant notes of tropical fruits, such as pineapple and passion fruit, which are perfectly balanced with a subtle undertone of caramel and chocolate. The coffee offers a harmonious fusion of acidity and sweetness, resulting in a smooth and well-rounded cup that leaves a lasting impression. This specialty coffee is an exquisite representation of the dedication and expertise of the growers in El Salvador, as well as the commitment of Blue Ridge Bootleg to source and present the finest coffees from around the world. With its exceptional flavor characteristics and unique processing method, this offering is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.




The level of craft and passion makes this coffee unique. We are proud to carry Blue Ridge Bootleg Coffee at our restaurant and make every experience perfect.

Sylva, NC

To me it was literally “just right” … nice rich dark taste and aroma without the acidic taste. If there was a Goldilocks zone for coffee, I’d say you found it!

Bobby Terry
Garth Brooks Band Producer & Writer

I’ve found Blue Ridge Bootleg to be incredibly smooth and flavorful, without the bitterness or acidic flavors. The aroma it produces when brewed gets me right out of bed!

Mitch Dane/Owner-producer
Sputnik Studios Nashville

We have been using Blue Ridge Bootleg for a few months now at The Farmhouse & we love it. Although I admit I’m more of a “creamer with my coffee kind of girl,” - I have never enjoyed plain black coffee until I had my 1st cup sitting in Matt & Heidi’s kitchen.

Tammy Fuller- Farmhouse
Sylva, NC

A must try for coffee lovers Blue Ridge Bootleg’s Popskull Pitch Beans has a smooth, rich taste without the acidity. It’s darker but bold enough to wake you up in the morning! I threw all my other coffee beans away; nothing I’ve tried comes close!

Judy Hubbard
Wimberly, TX

Like music (and booze), coffee is equal parts art and craft. Hard to quantify the exact proportions that will hit the sweet spot, but you know it when you find it. Not at all surprising that a guy with the heritage and music background of Matt King has landed on something this good. There are no accidents, and the results speak for themselves.

Chuck A.
Nashville, TN.

After my first cup, all I wanted was another cup! It’s the taste!

C Cannon
Singer/Songwriter Nashville TN

I was blown away at BRB coffee the first time I tried it.. smooth and  rich.. it’s a staple at the studio now!

Vance Powell
Sputnik Studios Chris Stapelton, Jack White